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image (2)It’s hard to believe that a horticultural project can survive without mains water. However that is exactly what we’ve done for the last 18 months.

Our new Roebuck site is a good size and has enabled us to expand the social enterprise involving more volunteers / beneficiaries in its operation, and it is ideally located for visitors and volunteers. However, there is a downfall – no mains water!

Currently we have to transport water to the site in bottles and containers, as well as harvesting rainwater in recycled water butts and tanks.

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Collecting rainfall water can only occur if there is a fair amount of rain. Water-Butt-MovingOtherwise we are wholly reliant on bringing water to the site on a daily basis, which is backbreaking for all those involved. During the drier months we use up to 6000 litres of water a week, which means transporting 6 tonnes of water!

The cost of installing mains water is around £21,000. This supply would have to come underneath the adjacent road and an 80-metre trench would need to be dug out and piped to bring the water to the heart of our operations.

P1030801To date we have raised a very healthy £14,000 through local trusts and charities and we are hopeful that we will reach our target in time for Spring next year.

Keep an eye on the website for details of our forthcoming fundraising music events to help us hit our target.

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