May 12, 2016 Featured No Comments

With around 150 tables of rescued plants on site at the Roebuck it can sometimes be a daunting job to keep them in good shape, especially in light of the fact that many of them come to us in much need of care and attention.

However we have a few secret weapons to tackle just such a job – The Friday Club.  June, Maureen and Fiona (above left to right) volunteer every Friday in all weathers. June is in her 7th year with the Waste Not Want Not project, with Maureen close behind in her 5th year and relative new comer Fiona in her 2nd year.

Week in week out they work through hundreds of plants – weeding, repotting, top dressing and watering. On top of that they also have a lot of fun, are always smiling and a great pleasure to work with.

So, thank you June, Maureen and Fiona for all you do for Waste Not Want Not. It is very much appreciated.

See you on Friday!


Written by h8lf0wl3r