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Rescuing plants is one of our main activities at Waste Not Want Not.

This picture is an example of bedding plants that came to us in a very poorly state. They have been nurtured back to health by our volunteers and repotted into donated terracotta pots. They can then be sold at one of our sites or at local events.

So what was essentially headed to the bin has provided work, creativity, positive activity and income for everyone at the the project.

But we also grow many plants from seeds and from plugs.

This year we have not only filled our green houses on site but we have grown so much that we started filling other peoples greenhouses!

To cope with amount of new plants we are building a polytunnel off site as part of our new effort to grow more. We are hopeful that this will be an exciting new development for Waste Not Want Not and in time will lead to the installation of some new larger greenhouses and growing tunnels on site.


Volunteers  Sean and Harry complete the polytunnel frame

Written by h8lf0wl3r