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When a group of MBA students got in touch with us from the University of Hertfordshire looking to add value to a local community project we had the perfect project for them.

While we are very happy for customers to bring in their old plant pots, we also end up with quite an excess from all the plants that we rescue from other garden centres and nurseries. While many of the pots are extremely useful to us, especially when potting on seedlings and plug plants,  many are surplus to requirement. For us, the most important element when dealing with the pots is that they don’t end up in landfill.

So we have been collecting pots for some time now until we find a suitable, sustainable recycling solution. Due to the price of recycled plastic dramatically falling over the past few years many of the national recycling schemes that were already in place have ceased from collecting as the cost of the transport exceeds the price of recycling.

To that end we decided we needed to find a better way of storing the pots until a recycling solution becomes available.  The MBA students jumped to the challenge and cleared through the mountain of pots organising them in dumpy bags. We then built storage bays to neatly contain the large bags of pots.

The day  started like this –

and finished like this –

A great result.

A massive thank you to Kieran O’Shea and his brilliant team for coming with and implementing a solution to plant pot problem.


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